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Our History


NRT has been existing with employees since 05th August 2015, registered and approved at Norwegian labour office. We are also registered as a Staffing Enterprise.  


As a single person company that started with few clients in cleaning industry which has grown with more than 21 Housekeeping families, more than 3 commercial Houses and few Hotels. We always apply quality service, but we really pride ourselves on the additional features we offer. Our business is complete with professional resources and experienced service providers to benefit all clients.

Cleaning Section 


Hotel Housekeeping 

Private Home Housekeeping 


Commercial Houses 


We offer affordable price with quality service. We also have online booking for home cleaning.  
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 Things included in Home cleaning


In every room   

1. Vacuuming of floors and carpets. smaller carpets can be taken out for airing if requested


2. mopping - dusting of all accessible surfaces as high as the cleaner can reach. Max 180cm 


3. Wiping of all mirrors and glass fixtures. Stain removal from jambs - door handles and light switches. Taking out of garbage and recycling 


4. In the kitchen:                                                                       Emptying of sink and loading up dishwasher with dirty dishes. Removal of outer stains and wipe down exterior of stove - stove hood - oven - fridge - dishwasher and microwave machine. Wiping of other kitchen equipment  


5. In every bathroom: 

   Washing of the toilet seat - the tub - the sink - the shower and the shower screen  


6. In the bedroom:                                                               Dressing of bed - dusting and normal cleaning applicable   

Renhold Oslo

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